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Make a "Living Sacrifice"

Share God’s Provision and Your Passion to

Support the Ministries of Trinity Lutheran Church

St. Paul, who gave his life as a dying sacrifice to bear witness to his Lord, encouraged Christians to present their bodies as a “living sacrifice.” (Romans 12:1) All that we do in our life should point to our Redeemer and our salvation. Trinity exists because the saints of old chose to make a sacrifice and set aside treasure, talent, and time to establish a congregation in Ithaca which would be faithful to the Word of God. Thousands of saints and visitors have passed through our doors to be fed the “pure milk of the Word.”

signTrinity Lutheran Church began in a small old schoolhouse on North Triphammer Road. The love of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit was shared through His Word in worship. The living waters of baptism and the renewing sacrament of the Lord’s Supper were offered. Worshipers there grew in the Word through Bible class, Sunday school, and confirmation. Fifty years ago, faithful saints with big hearts laid the foundation for a very fruitful ministry. Now many other ministries have been added to those original few.

You are invited to also Make a Living Sacrifice to support Trinity's ministries. As you consider how God might want to use you as His vessel of blessing, prayerfully consider any of these gifts:   


Our Schools: Help support a Preschool child or an Afterschool child with a scholarship.  $1075 pays for 50% of a typical tuition.

Vacation Bible School: Help underwrite the cost of teaching and other resources for a typical VBS week.  $3500 helps to pay for books, craft materials, snacks, and our neighborhood ice cream gathering at the end of the week. VBS week.  $3500 helps to pay for books, $25 pays for one student for the week, Trinity does not charge anything to families for VBS. VBS

Youth Enrichment: Help pay for the costs related to our tri-annual youth trip to the National Youth Gathering.  This year’s costs will be about $10,000. An average annual amount per youth to attend the gathering would be here $400.

Church Workers: Trinity has been blessed with many professional church workers -- vicars, deaconesses, and teachers. We help to cover just a portion of their educational expenses. Our deaconess intern is part of the Deaconess Program at Concordia Theological Seminary. Annual costs for that program are $19,320. One of our former students at Cornell has applied to be a new seminarian at Concordia Seminary. Tuition and expenses for a single student are listed as $32,149.  Trinity's return to the Vicarage Program would also be a great blessing.  The seminary anticipates the cost of a vicar to be about $36,000.

artMissionaries: Our missionary support works out to about 1.4% of our budget.  Any donation for either missionary team would be appreciated.  One receives only $1,320.  The other receives $2,820. These monies support both the missionary and a portion of the translation work and/or human care which the missionaries provide.

Refugee House: The Refugee house upkeep is typically about $2,000 a year.  Any amount would help resupply necessary items or provide an opportunity to support refugees with a care basket when they arrive and leave the house.  $100 provides a nice care basket. History of our work with refugees.

Trinity's Building and Grounds: Consider a gift for underwriting something as necessary but unglamorous as snow plowing, salting, and snow blowing.  Costs range anywhere from $1,000-6,000. Trinity is preparing to replace our antiquated heating system with a new HVAC system.   Bids are about $70,000. A multipurpose building to accommodate our many programs has been a dream of Trinity for some time. We have no current bids, but anticipated costs of such a space are around $1,500,000.

The Lord loves a cheerful giver! (II Corinthians 9:6)